Youth Cook Club Volunteer

4 PM-7.30 PM (Mondays, Wednesdays)

How to Apply

Youth Cook Club Volunteer


Time: 4 PM-7.30 PM (Mondays, Wednesdays)


Address: Cyrenians Cook School

66-68 Jane Street, EH6 5HG,



The cook club for youth fosters a safe space where young individuals combat social isolation, make friends, and learn culinary skills. It directly aligns with the organisational goal of addressing homelessness by tackling underlying causes like social isolation and lack of support networks.

By nurturing a sense of belonging and community, the club helps mitigate factors contributing to homelessness while empowering youth with essential life skills and resilience. Through engagement in constructive activities, participants build connections and receive support, offering a proactive approach to addressing the root causes and consequences of homelessness among the youth population.


What are the aims and expectations of the role?

The organisation seeks a volunteer available Mondays or Wednesdays from 4-7:30 PM to assist in the cook club for youth, aged 12-20. With 3-8 participants weekly, the club aims to create a relaxed environment for cooking, chatting, and chilling. Main duties include dishwashing, aiding young chefs, and engaging in conversations.

The ideal candidate is independent, hands-on, and resonates with the group's dynamic. Given the participants' talent, minimal assistance is typically required in cooking tasks, which vary based on Fare Share donations. Overall, the role offers an opportunity to contribute to a supportive community and foster culinary skills among young individuals.

How to Apply

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