Cyrenians respond to recent figures on deaths from drug misuse.

5 August 2022
Ambulance Commercial Street

1,330 people lost their lives to drug misuse in Scotland in 2021, according to the latest figures published by National Records of Scotland.

While these figures represent a slight drop on the previous year, the first time in seven years the number has fallen, drug misuse deaths remain catastrophically high, with Scotland seeing over 12,000 deaths in the last 15 years, and disproportionately affect those in poorer communities.

Responding to the figures, Cyrenians said,

"Whilst the figures released regarding drug misuse deaths are devastating, it's important to remember that recovery is possible."

"Recovery is not a straightforward journey, and we know from years of experience supporting people during their recovery, that one size does not fit all. We need well-funded, properly resourced services that can support our colleagues across the Health and Third Sectors to provide holistic and personalised support to those struggling with addiction. 

"From residential support, to community outreach work, our projects engage with people working towards recovery every day. We have seen the benefits of working collaboratively with our colleagues in the NHS and other partnerships, and it is our desire to see more of this partnership style of working to better meet the needs of those struggling with drug misuse. 

"It is our belief that anyone struggling with addiction can, and should, be supported along their recovery journey; whether that is through harm-reduction or other means."