Cooking Skills Courses

Our purpose-built community kitchen is home to a number of courses to help break down the barriers around creating good quality, nutritious meals.

At our community cook school, based on Jane Street in Leith, we are acutely aware of the power of food; from the nutritious elements of a balanced diet, to the joy and love shared over a hand-crafted meal. 

Our food education courses help take the mystery out of meal prepping, planning and budgeting, helping create lifelong skills and friends too. 

Food Preparation and Budgeting Skills – 8 weeks

This ‘foundation’ class is great for the cooking-beginner. It’s free to attend for those referred using the form below. In this class we’ll help to; 

  • Support healthier food choices
  • Increase skills and confidence buying ingredients on a limited budget
  • Increase confidence cooking from scratch
  • Build independent living skills
  • Understand food hygiene and safety
  • Learn essential food preparation and cooking techniques

Our 8 week course is a 3 hour class delivered once a week on a rolling basis. For the most up-to-date course details visit our community events calendar. 

Menu Planning and Budgeting Skills – 5 weeks 

This shorter course is a ‘step up’ from our 8 week classes, aimed at individuals who already have basic cooking skills but may wish to learn more and better understand budgeting. It’s free to attend for those referred using the form below. This course will help with; 

  • Understanding how to budget a weekly menu
  • How to incorporate store cupboard staples
  • The benefits of microwave cooking
  • Shopping locally
  • Sharing food and meeting others in the community

This class is delivered once a week and runs for 3 hours. You can find the next start date in our community events calendar. 

Alongside our free skills building courses we offer additional training through our Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland (REHIS) accredited courses. Whether you’re an individual looking to gain the right skills and qualifications to move into a professional role, or an organisation who would like to run their own cooking programmes we have the right course for you. 

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