Foundations to Employment

Foundations to Employment is a one-to-one support service for people facing problems that stop them moving back into work. We support people to remove or deal with issues so they can move back into work-based training or volunteering, and towards more settled lifestyles. 

We can provide support to those with experience of: 

  • A history of offending
  • A history of substance misuse
  • Low social skills
  • A lack of self-management
  • Low self-esteem or self-confidence
  • Poor literacy or numeracy skills

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to lead a valued and fulfilling lifestyle. The support we offer is flexible, and follows  The Good Lives Model which supports people to build lives with meaning and quality. 

By providing the tools to manage any problems they may face as they work towards work-based training or volunteering, those we support are able to invest in their lives – moving away from repeating damaging behaviours. 

To find out more about Foundations to Employment please get in touch.

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