Cyrenians partner with Edinburgh Short Film Festival

7 October 2019
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Cyrenians has partnered with Edinburgh Short Film Festival and award-winning actor, writer and producer Jamie Robson to explore the power of film to affect social change.

The Edinburgh based charity deliver sustainable solutions for the causes and consequences of homelessness.  This year they are working with Jamie Robson to highlight the social issues faced by those most excluded from society.

Cyrenians Chief Executive Ewan Aitken said, “Jamie has generously supported our organisation and all that we do to challenge social perceptions around homelessness. He, like us, is passionate about raising awareness of the issues faced by some of the most vulnerable members of our society.

“Being part of a festival such as Edinburgh Short Film Festival, which doesn’t shy away from challenging subjects, allows us to face the uncomfortable reality of our society whilst sharing our experiences, and promoting our people-centered approach to tackling homelessness here in Edinburgh.

“We will be hosting a screening followed by a panel discussion alongside Jamie and Director of ‘Deleted’ Stephan Pierre Mitchell at Summerhall on 26th October.”

Jamie Robson added, “I’ve been an advocate of the Cyrenians for a long time and I’m passionate about bringing awareness to the realities of homelessness and related issues. Film is an ideal platform for giving voice to those excluded or isolated from society, whilst allowing audiences to feel more than just sympathy for the subjects of the film. I am delighted to support Cyrenians at Edinburgh Short Film Festival.”

Paul Bruce from Edinburgh Short Film Festival added, "The Edinburgh Short Film Festival has for many years screened films dealing with contemporary issues
including homelessness and exclusion, and so we’re delighted to be able to invite the distinguished charity, the Cyrenians to the 2019 ESFF on Saturday 26th October, to host an evening of outstanding and award-winning international and UK short films that address these critically important subjects."

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