Early Intervention Partnership

The ‘Early Intervention Partnership’ is a collaborative project between our award-winning mediation team and the Rock Trust. Focusing on prevention, this project aims to tackle youth homelessness at its cause – providing intervention, support and training to young people aged 14+ and their families.

Through educational workshops, supporting teachers and professionals to recognise the signs, and working with families struggling with difficult relationships at home, we will support over 600 young people, organisations and services across Edinburgh. 

We know that homelessness is a real risk for young people in Scotland. Statistics show that whilst 12% of Scotland’s population is aged between 16 and 25, they make up 25% of Scotland’s homeless population. Together with the Rock Trust we will help ensure that young people know what services are available to them, how to access those services and work directly with families to prevent young people becoming part of that statistic.

With respite options offered by the Rock Trust and our family support provided by skilled outreach and mediation workers, we are making a real difference to the reality of homelessness for young people in Edinburgh.

Evidence shows that poverty and family relationships can be powerful predictors of homelessness. We want to use this knowledge to reach young people earlier in life and prevent them ever experiencing the trauma of homelessness.

If you are concerned about a young person, or would like to know more about this project please email Mediationandsupport@cyrenians.scot

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