Our communities are at the heart of what we do; directly supporting individuals experiencing homelessness in and around the Edinburgh area.

From our communities for young people, to our newer additions at Crighton Place, Lotus and Social Bite Village, we are proud of the thriving homes these locations have become.

We have five thriving communities based in and around Edinburgh:

  • Our City and Farm Communities for young people
  • Crighton Place supporting residents recently discharged from Hospital
  • Social Bite Village for those aged 18+
  • Lotus Community supporting Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking Children

We support our residents to develop their confidence to live independently, supporting them to develop the life skills and experience they need to eventually move on and flourish in their own home. From shared meals, to support applying to education and employment opportunities, team building activities and navigating the day-to-day demands of household management, we support each of our community members towards a more sustainable living environment.

Our unique model sees us integrating residential/day volunteers alongside our residents, offering a peer-support model. For many of our community members, this will be the first time they have engaged with someone who “chooses to be there,” rather than a paid member of staff. This dynamic creates a new way of engaging with others, and helps foster trust and respect while developing diverse cultural relationships along the way.

To find out about our residential volunteering opportunities visit our volunteering page. 

If you’d like to find out more about our residential communities please contact us via our enquiry form. 

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